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الأخبار العاجلة

القيادة الجماعية للحركة الشعبية برئاسة كودي تعلن بيانها الاول وتقيل عقار والحلو وعرمان

الخرطوم في 8/ 9/ 2011م (سونا) اعلنت القيادة الجماعية للحركة الشعبية برئاسة الفريق دانيال كودي انجلو عن نفسها كقيادة للحركة الشعبية (بقطاع الشمال ) بشقيها السياسي والعسكري الي حين انعقاد وقيام مؤتمر عام استثنائي للحركة الشعبية قريبا وتسجيل الحزب وفقا لقانون تسجيل الاحزاب إقرأ المزيد...رابط  

Headlines of major daily newspapers issued in Khartoum today , Monday the 18th of July 2011

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ALKHARTOUM: Justice and equality threatens to attack Khartoum .An agreement between liberation and justice and Darfur organizations network.National Congress : Bagan's resignation will help in solving the suspended issues . The parliament to review today the president's address.

ALINTIBAHA: a long session of the council of ministers to solve the separation impacts .The army : it is impossible to repeat Omdurman invasion.The commencement of transporting 18 000 southerners after implementing the new measures .An American committee to investigate with some SPLM leaders on the donors money .

ALTAYAR: ministry of mining starts establishing gold refinery .Wali of north state: the agricultural bank exempted the debts on the farmers crops compounds.

ALWIFAG: while addressing the states students seventh conference ,Alkhidir announces the completion of the economic and social reformation program .Efforts to complete the eclectricty supply for the agricultural projects in the northern , the Nile and Khartoum states .

ALHURRA : minister of defense : the borders with the south are secured .The African Union welcomes Adoha agreement .

ALAKHBAR : a new interim authority in Darfur and a council to observe it .

ALRAID: the government : the dialogue with Justice and equality is preconditioned by its recognition to Aldoha document .

ALWAN: Khalil's movement threatens to attack Omdurman once again -National Congress : no cabinet change at this time .Taha : drugs industry needs strong support .The government pledges to maintain peace in east Sudan.

ALAHRAM ALYOUM: Albashir to address tomorrow the people in Kassala and inaugurates with his counterpart Aforgi the high way linking Sudan and Eritrea.A proposal to grant the nationality to the citizens from a northern mother or father .

AKHIR LAHZA: new development in Bagan's case .The vice president leaves to Cairo next week .The Egyptian ambassador celebrates the 59th anniversary of July revolution in 1952.

ALSAHAFA: the legislation committee approves the amendments in the nationality act .
Joint committees to implement the agreement and the end of Basoli's term in Doha and Gambari takes over .


آخر الأخبار

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