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الأخبار العاجلة

القوات المسلحة تعلن القضاء على خليل ابراهيم فى عملية بطولية

Alsawarmiالخرطوم 25/12 سونا

تمكنت القوات المسلحة الباسلة فى الساعات الاولى من صباح اليوم فى عملية بطولية من القضاء على المتمرد خليل ابراهيم الذى لقى مصرعه ضمن مجموعة من

إقرأ المزيد...رابط  

Sudan Major Headlines of Newspapers 16-2-2012

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Khartoum, Feb 16, 2012 (SUNA) Following are the major headlines of local newspapers issued here Thursday:Sudan Newspapers

Al-Ray Alaam:
* Addis Ababa round of talks ended without reaching agreement on oil.
* President Al-Bashir visits the vocalist Wardi.
* UN Security Council calls for relief transportation to unstable regions in Sudan.

Akhir Lahza:
* The Opposition: Washington plans to wage war between Sudan and South Sudan.
* Police disperses violent clashes between some citizens and demoblized south Sudan soldiers.
* Al-Tahir: Sudan will achieve self-sufficiency in oil shortly.
* Some 79 killed and wounded during confrontations between the SPLA and the rebels at the Upper Nile.

* Nafie: The South will witness the " African Spring" if it neglect building of its state.
* The government vows to reimburse dues of 7,000 Southerners.

* The Security Council calls Khartoum and Juba to return to dialogue.
* Foreigners counting started: expected changes in the passport act , 30,000 authorized foreigners.

* The government asks concerned countries to show clear stances concerning the Sudan debts: many countries are willing to participate in the Sudan conference in Istanbul.
* Wali of Eastern Darfur took oath before President of the Republic.

* The National Congress: Obama promises to exempt Sudan debts are worthless.
* President of the Republic : suspicious organizations offer malicious relief to the country.

* A Republican decree to affiliate Civil Aviation to the Defense Ministry.
* The parliament asks security authorities to provide it with information on spying acctivities in the country.

* Swar Al-Dahab: We succeeded in converting 17,000 persons to Islam, Al-Bashir: Dawa Organization has filled the gap left by the expelled organizations.
* Confirming existence of human trafficking networks: the Ministry of Internal Affairs admits difficulties to control foreigners existence in Sudan due to the vast borders.

Alahram Alyoum:
* Guidance Minister: Mossad is behind tombs destruction and Molid( Prophet Mohammed Birth Anniversary) incidents.

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