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الأخبار العاجلة

Great efforts to Increase the forest coverage to 20% of total Sudan areas

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Article translator :Belgees Fagier

Khartoum -3-6-201 2(SUNA)- Nowadays, the concerned bodies exert continuous great efforts to increase the forest coverage from 10% to 20%, in what estimate of 90 million feddan from the total areas.

Ministry of Forests & environment adopted group of procedures related to reserve forests of 6 million feddan during the period( 2012- 2016) including the five-year governmental plan and to cultivate an area of 17 million feddan , estimated of 3.4 million feddan annually during this of area in cooperating with the expectable partners from both the private and public sectors in all Sudan's states.
The Forest National Corporation " FNC" announced that the targeted average of planting to compensate for the annual removal areas are still weak, where only 16 tree against 100 removed tree.

Besides, the corporation of forests plan includes also rehabilitation the affected areas in oil production areas in Heglig , Baliela in south-Kurd fan in cooperating with the oil companies and to promote and market Arabic- gum in state of Sinnar, Blue-Nile, north and south Kurd fan in cooperating with the World Bank And IGAD.

Addition to combat desertification in Northern states through establishing 100 big plantation and the project of the Great green African fence , that extend from east of Sudan to the west in a length of 1520. Km and width of 15 .Km in 13 states, while the project is financing by the International Machinery of Environment and the Government of Sudan.

The Forest National Corporation in Sudan and the Council of Gum Arabic are financing survey studies and planning for 13 states of the Arabic -gum belt addition to execute the project of the" society tree" in all Sudan states in cooperating with the private and public sectors.

The concerned authorities in the Forest National corporation increase their efforts in field of restoring the green coverage through encourage the public efforts in administrating from and securing the forests and to raise the production of gum Arabic from 53.000 tons to 200.000 ton annually in end of the Five-year plan addition to attract the efforts of the private sector , in frame of the initiative of the First-vice president, to rehabilitate 25% of the reserving forests and to rain-feed project.

Sudan classified in the list of the poor- green coverage countries and including the most highest countries in removing forests, reported the minister of Urban Development, Forests and Environment to the council of States.

He pointed to accomplish intensive studies and comprehensive reviews to the sector of forests in terms of the macro-policies, the legislations, the functions and competencies of the and went on saying the great challenge face the sector of forests is the weakness of afforestation spite increasing the reserved areas to 200.000 feden since 1989.forest national Corporation of since its establishing in 1989.

The forests provides about 15% of the manpower in the rural areas and between (30-70) of the national Herd fodders . While reports of the Food and Agriculture Organization FAO (2005) declared that the Non- wood productions of forests contributes of more than 500 million US dollar annually and the wild-animals in the forests consumed about (60) million tons of dry- grasses. addition the forests provide the citizens with food, medicine, constructions materials, agriculture and industry equipments for free during the period of drought and distress years, for the reason that deterioration of forests areas connects with the phenomena of displacing and Asylum because of desertification and wars.

The estimations pointed that the populations in Sudan (30 million) person consume about 25 million cubic m of wood and they own more than 100 million head of cattel. Besides they use wood in building and energy , while the rate of developing and the annual renewing of the forests in average of 10 million cubic m , what means the depletion of the forest resources are about three doubles of its capacities on developing.

The minister's report remarked to the wrong directions of the economists who neglect the usefulness of forests from the estimations of the state budget , that say ministry of finance evaluate the contributions of forests in the Gross National Product with 3.3% and depend only on the forest export income and to motivate the role of forests in providing the energy, pastures, building, food and the vital and bio- services.

Doubtless Forests is one of the fundamental factors of the economic stability of states and societies , addition it participate in creating the development of countries, what lays great responsibilities on the governments and people to save the green cover in their regions.

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