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الأخبار العاجلة

Projects of Water Basins and rehabilitation of Dinder National Park ..... to save the environment and encourage investment in fields of tourism

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Khartoum-13-6-2012-(SUNA)_ Nowadays rehabilitation work in field of water is accomplishing in Dinder National Park by the project of water basins , that belonged to the ministry of water Resources in cooperating with number of concerned parts.

The national coordinator of Water Basins Project , Eng. Ibrahiem Adam who headed a high delegation were inspected the rehabilitation work in Dinder National Park.

The project aims to protect the environment in the park and the animals inside it, which Sudan is one of the famous countries of this kind of natural reserve parks, that encourage to a successful tourist investment, besides the country is in need to these activities to bring hard currency to the state treasury.

"We cooperate with the Administration of wild life to save the bio variation of animals and to provide aquariums for drinking to keep animals from departure because of lack of water, that led to animal death or struggle on the water resources ' declared the National Coordinator Eng. Ibrahiem

In another hand the visited -delegation had reviewed the project of open fire line in the pasture inside Dinder National Park ,that acompleshed by the administration of water basins. the expert of Pasture in the project Dr. Omar Othman explained that the project aims to identify tracks of pastures inside the park and to throw the seeds of forage plants in these tracks through adopted plans.

As well the delegation reassured on the rehabilitation work in the Mousa water basin and listened to the view of the expert of water basins in the project, Eng. Badar Al-deen Mahmoud who reported that the studies stressed on the necessity of rehabilitation these aquariums due to the factors of drought , that affected it for many reasons and to connect these water basins with main watering lines on Dinder river.

Also he pointed that the work in Mosa Aquarium was accomplished in a length of one Kilometre and 600 m. and width of 13m. Addition studies were accomplished to rehabilitate other aquariums around the park.

These steps of rehabilitation the aquariums and open the wild tracks of pastures found great appreciation from the workers in these fields , while the visit came in frame of preparing to number of projects in the states of Sinnar, Al-gadaref and Blue Nile addition the visited delegation provided some donations in fields of animal, agricultural and foresting.

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